Top 5 Baseus Gadgets That Fits Around YOUR Lifestyle

At Baseus, we always strive to continuously create innovative, conceptual and high-quality products that fit around your lifestyle: whether you're at the office, in the car or on the go; we are always designing and building new gadgets for any type of occasion.
Here are the Top Five Baseus Gadgets That Fits Around YOUR Lifestyle:


1.Baseus Universal 2 in 1 SLR Standard Portable Fish Eye Optical Camera Lens.
This one is dedicated to our customers interested in photography. 
Baseus' Magic Camera is a set of lenses made portable and more convenient for a photographer's lifestyle; the perfect little gadget to take on the go for instant quality effects for any type of photography.
Your casual video can be as good as a blockbuster.
 This 2 in 1 Universal and Portable Camera Lens comes with:
1 x Wide-Angle Lens
1 x Fish Eye Lens
1 x Lens Clip
1 x Storage Box
1 x Camera Cloth
This product works with single cameras and dual cameras and can be used on a smartphone and tablet. 

Get it here:

2. Baseus Kickstand Game Holder Case Gamepad For iPhone 7/8 Series.
If you're a smartphone gamer, you would know all too well that it's often a struggle to hold your phone landscape while playing; which is why we have created a case to solve this problem.
  • This case features a modern design with the aesthetics of a futuristic feel. 
  • The sturdy gaming grip allows secure hold so you can focus more on gaming and less on the gripping.
  • This case can be taken anywhere on the go; making sure you are always ready for a virtual competition.
  • Made from High-Quality PC Material; this case provides great protection from drops and scratches.
  • The raise lip protection keeps the screen and camera protected.
  • Not just for games; the built-in stand offers 65-degree angle support that allows users to comfortably watch videos as well.
Get it here:

3. Baseus Universal 10000mAh Slim Pocket Fit Portable Power Bank.
Always left wondering if your power bank has enough power to charge your phone? Well, this 10000mAh Digital Dual Output Power Bank has an innovative and unique digital display that shows the remaining power so that's one less problem to worry about.
  • With its minimalist design, this power bank is suitable for anyone and any occasion.
  • The 10000mAh capacity gives you enough power to recharge your smartphone 2-3 times.
  • Quick Charge Technology is designed to increase the stability and efficiency of the charging.
  • Equipped with Smart Charging; the use of intelligent frequency division technology allows you to charge your phone without damaging it.
  • Multiple Layers of Security Protection: Overcharging, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Short Circuit, and Over-Discharge.
Get it here:

4. Baseus Metal Magnet Absorption Front and Back Tempered Glass Case Cover For iPhone X.
    This full-body protection metal magnetic case provides front and back tempered glass protection for iPhone X. Made from High-Quality Tempered Glass and Aluminium Metal Bumper gives your phone 360 full protection from scratches, damages, and dust. 
    The magnetic feature is pretty strong and therefore won't open easily; preventing your phone to never take any damage when dropped first.
    Get it here:

    5. Baseus 9D 9H Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X.
    Nowadays, we spend hours each day staring at a screen; whether it's our phones, computers, or the television. This has become such a major part of our culture that we don't often think about it, but the light emitted by these devices has many health risks.
    Our technology devices emit a blue light that affects our brain and body. This can be very damaging to our eyes and have a negative effect on our sleep cycles. 
    What is blue light? 
    Blue light is a type of wavelength that is everywhere; sunlight being the main source of it. Most notable, our screen emits significant amounts of blue light and the amount of time we spend using our devices and the proximity of these screen to the user's face worries opticians and other health care professionals on the long-term effects of blue light on eye health. Blue light can reach deeper into the eye and slowly kill the cells in our retina.
    Our Baseus Anti-Blue Light Glass Screen Protector is designed with a special filter that blocks this blue light, protecting your eyes from further damage.
    • The product has a hardness of 9H (Mohs scale) thanks to which the LCD is protected against breaking, scratches, and dirt.
    • The glass is coated with an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints to a minimum and facilitates cleaning and an anti-reflection coating that reduces reflections and improves the comfort of use.
    • Thanks to the CNC technology used, the glass has a thickness of only 0.23 mm and does not adversely affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen and the displayed image.
    • Note: We recommend caution when connecting the glass with the case. There is a risk of the glass being prized by the case.
    • A brand new product, packed in an original sealed package with a hologram confirming the originality.
    Get it here:

    These are our top five Baseus gadgets that will definitely accommodate your lifestyle and won't break the bank!
    Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below
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