The Secrets Of Your iPhone 7 and 8 Home Button

Did you know, according to the Apple support website, it could cost iPhone 7 and 8 users around £79 (with Apple Care+) ~ £316 (out of Warranty) for damage repairs?
If you are familiar with the iPhone 7 and 8, you would have instantly noticed the difference between the home button in this series compared to earlier models.
In September 2016, Apple introduced a style of the home button that no longer physically clicked in comparison to the earlier models where the button was truly a button.
In earlier models, the design of the home button allowed users to have access to a number of functions; one which includes double-clicking to show running apps in the multitasking manager.
The iPhone 7 and 8 series has a home button that works as a solid, 3D Touch-enabled panel. Instead of a button that physically moves, the new home button uses Apple's "Taptic Engine" that delivers physical feedback when users press it.


"Did you know that the linear actuator users hear when they press the home button on the iPhone7 and 8 series, is actually sounds coming from the speaker, not the haptic engine? If you block the speaker, you'll muffle the button-pressing noise."


This is why we offer a working solution for the iPhone button that replaces a damaged home button with a standard clickable button.
In addition to this, the introduction of the haptic feedback from the iPhone 7 onwards, renders the iPhone home button to be completely useless. This is because Apple removed all the moving parts, including; the physical internal/clickable button and relies solely on the Touch ID and digital interface.
Our iPhone Home Button is a simple replacement home button for the iPhone. It's been modified to allow a physical button to be present and function as your home button usually would for an iPhone 6. Simple, right?


So, why is our version so different from other home buttons in the market?

Well, let us explain.
We have worked with international tech specialists to continuously trial and error on finding a solution for the non-functional home button.  
Earlier in the year, we released the first version at a cheaper price. Although this worked as expected, it caused several issues with the phone's normal function.
Recalling the product, we released a more stable version but at the cost of changing the charging flex too. This worked but again, was flawed as it rendered the iPhone unable to use lightning earphones.
We have now released a newer version that solves all the problems of our previous version. This version allows users to gain control of a home button that allows the use of most functionalities except for Touch ID.
Check it out here:
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What are your thoughts on the iPhone 7 and 8 series Home Button? Let us know in the comments down!
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