How we ensure the best quality in the products we provide.

Baseus derives from the brand slogan "Based on user", which represents that the brand insists on thinking from the perspective of users, and the products are designed with high aesthetic and practical value. 
This means that from production to customer, we ensure the best quality in the products we provide so that our customers can purchase with confidence.

At Baseus, our core value is to create and design products with our customers in mind. Here is how we assure our promise to them:

  1. Most of our products are thoroughly quality checked at our warehouse by a team of technicians. We ensure our products pass our strict criteria before listing them on our website and stocking them in-store. For LCD screens, they are all individually tested before they are sent to our warehouse. On a rare occasion of a product defect, we are always happy to look into it in-store or by sending us an email at 
  2. To keep up with the market and competitive prices, we do sometimes offer cheaper products but we will never mis-advertise it and will always explain the limit and problem the item may have in the description. 
  3. If during our sample checks, we test one defected item from the batch; we would first test the remaining products of that batch to clarify if it is a batch issue. If it is a batch issue, we will stop selling and talk to the manufacturers about this.
  4. Whether it is just one or batch; if an item is faulty without any misuse, we will provide a full warranty including free return (if needed) to avoid any loss on our customer's side.
  5. We work to constantly maintain a good relationship with our manufacturers so we can easily reach a deal and feedback anything in regards quality improvements and product defects.
  6. If we cannot reach an agreement with the manufacturer in terms of quality, we will stop working with them and look for new suppliers.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on Facebook, Twitter, Website Live Chat or Call Us In-Store 029 2022 6316! 

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